The company was formed in 1999 by Mark Huggins a entrepreneur with a vision to enhance the industry he had chosen to make a career from.  Originally set up at a production company producing show reels for up and coming TV Presenters.  The fledgling company rapidly grew over 2 years and in 2001 Hulk Productions became the Hulk Group.  In 2010 celebrates a Decade in the Entertainment Industry and a rebrand for the company to - The Hulk Media Group.

Now embracing all that was entertainment, Mark and his team of budding presenters and hard working production staff, set out to create a strong media brand that would assist TV and Radio Talent in to work. 


In 2002 the Hulk Media Group launched an online facility created for the production industry to source Freelance TV and Radio presenters.  The facility allowed Presenters to show off their talents, whilst for the 1st time giving talent and production staff had a common place to network and recruit fresh new faces.

2004 saw the launch of HMG Celebrity PR - a unique facility established for talent in the media and entertainment industries.  HMG saw this arm of the company as the amalgamation of everything they had been involved in since the launch of the brand.  HMG Celebrity PR became the corporate face of the Hulk Media Group with its vision to create super brand celebrities!

HMG Celebrity PR have since hooked up A’List Celebrities with A’List fashion brand labels and created events, parties, launches, PA tours and concert in order to promote that strategic partnership.  In most cases this level of PR not only raised profiles of the collaborated brands but their revenue potential too.    

2007 the Hulk Group relocated to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.  Their success of the UK slowly translated to the new HQ.  HMG launched HMG Talent and HMG Agency in 2008 providing a one stop, stress free turn key solution for bookings, events, tours and launches al focussed around Celebrities. 

HMG utilize the contacts gained over many years in the UK and US entertainment industries and now offer an unrivaled Western thinking and western operated facility that could brings the hottest talent from the US and UK to the golden shores of the UAE and MENA Region.   

Welcome to the World of Celebritainment

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